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Questions Often Asked

What is 'Trumps' and how do you play?

Trumps is a competitive and fun card game that’s quick and simple to play. It’s been around since the ‘70s- and is an old favourite- but is more popular today than ever. Each pack takes a specific subject (let’s say sports cars) and has 30 or so cards, with each representing a different example of the subject (an Aston Martin DB9 or a Porsche 911 Carrera for example). Cards include a short description of the example, plus half a dozen or so facts typical of the subject (such as Price, Top Speed, Acceleration and so on) on which players compete one card at a time, until the winner’s won all the cards. Most Trumps cover subjects related to Film & TV, transportation or sports, with little educational focus.

What makes Clever Decks different?

Clever Decks are Trumps that focus on learning. They have all the fun and competitive game-play of conventional Trumps but also make the most of the game's educational side. They take the most educationally-worthy subjects for school and general education, and use the most educationally-valuable, accurate and up-to-date facts.

Who are Clever Decks for?

In a nutshell, Clever Decks are for everyone.

Although the game's main focus is to help children (primarily aged 8-13) with their school education, subjects will be of equal interest and value to anyone of any age of any level of education. The level of information is set to help children do well at school, and to provide everyone with a good foundation and basic knowledge in the subjects; and however much you know, you will always find Clever Decks to have something to teach and test you with.

With Clever Decks appeal across all ages, it is also a great game for parents and grandparents to play with their children and enjoy quality time together.

Are Clever Decks really educational?

Clever Decks are highly educational and valuable teaching aids in many ways. They...

  • Help introduce and 'turn children (in particular) on' to new subjects
  • Teach specific educational facts
  • Help gain a good basic knowledge and understanding of the subject
  • Encourage further learning
  • Improve basic memory-function

And best of all, all this learning will appear effortless as you learn in a 'disguised' way by simply playing and having fun- so before you know it, you'll find yourself getting smarter and smarter. 

We would also like to encourage our players to continue to learn and grow beyond our games, and will be providing more educational information plus recommended places to find out more on our Learn More pages.