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Make learning fun with Clever Decks "Top Trumps"-style educational card games.

Clever Decks are the Trumps card games with real educational value- adding valuable learning to this hugely popular, fun and competitive game.

Clever Decks make the most of the great teaching potential of the Trumps card game, to make learning fun and easy. They're the perfect way to introduce and develop a child's interest in new subjects- the key to start all learning!- and to build knowledge and inspire further learning. So, whether you'd like to help your child or grandchild shine at school, or just fancy getting smarter yourself, Clever Decks will teach and entertain you all!


Castle Trumps. The castle and history learning game that's fit for a King!

Castle Trumps is the educational game that makes it fun and easy to learn about British castles and history.

Castle Trumps makes castles accessible to all- young or old- and helps bring children into the enjoyment of our national monuments and history. You'll 'battle' the greatest castles in Britain- bringing them to life!- to learn their facts and histories, and how these 'instruments of war' were used to conquer and rule, and shape the history of Britain. 

To ensure the maximum accuracy and educational value, Castle Trumps were made in collaboration with the castles themselves, and using our very own castleologist. This, and our obsessive work, surely makes this 'official' castle game the most researched and education game of Trumps ever made!

And with all this learning squeezed-in, Castle Trumps makes a great teaching-aid for school Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 (KS1, KS2 & KS3) History, and has much to show the life-long castle enthusiast too- and it can't wait to start teaching and entertaining you all.