Castle Map

Map of the best castles in England, Wales & Scotland- and showing the “Castles Near Me.”

This map shows the location of the 32 castles featured in Castle Trumps- the best and greatest medieval castles in England, Wales & Scotland.

You will also find this map helpful if you’re planning a family day out to visit one of these wonderful historic monuments, and are thinking “Where are the castles near me?”. Each castle’s official website is also linked-to below to help you find out more and plan your visit.

      Castle Trumps

      The castle and history learning game that’s fit for a King!

      Clever Decks

      Castle Trumps is the educational game that brings castles to life, and makes it fun and easy to learn about British castles and history.

      Castle Trumps makes castles accessible to all- young or old- and helps bring children into the enjoyment of our national monuments and history.

      You’ll ‘battle’ the greatest British castles- to learn their Importance, Age, Size, Defences, Sieges and Remains- and see how they were used to conquer and rule, and shape the history of Britain!  

      We’ve gone to extremes to ensure the accuracy and educational value of Castle Trumps- including recruiting our own castleologist, and collaborating with the castles- to bring you what is probably the best researched and most educational Trumps ever made! And with all this learning packed-in, Castle Trumps makes a great learning-aid for school Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 (KS1, KS2 & KS3) history, and has much to teach the lifelong castle enthusiast too- and it can’t wait to start teaching and entertaining you all.