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Dr Sam Willis likes Castle Trumps

We are very thankful to the Historian and Broadcaster Dr Sam Willis who recently Tweeted that Castle Trumps were a brilliant game and should be bought for your kids- or yourself! Thank you so much Sam:) You can view Sam's Tweet by clicking on the link: https://twitter.com/DrSamWillis/status/859110732738244608

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You can now find Castle Trumps at Dunster Castle.

We're very proud that Castle Trumps are now being stocked at Dunster Castle. So you can now find them at the wonderful castles of Alnwick, Bamburgh, Bodiam, Cardiff, Dunster, Hever, Lincoln, Lewes, and Pembroke!  

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Castle Trumps is here!

Castle Trumps is here! It's our very first creation and we're super excited to set it free and let it do its stuff- teaching and entertaining you all. We're chuffed to say that Castle Trumps is already on sale at Alnwick, Bamburgh, Cardiff, Lewes and Lincoln and many of the other castles are following soon. You'll also begin to see this beauty in many high quality gift and book shops very soon, and we're keeping our eyes open for more perfect homes. We hope you're already having great fun playing and learning from Castle Trumps and we'd love to hear your...

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Castle Trumps are on their way...

So... the release of our very first pack is just days away! We're super excited and do hope that you're celebrating along with us by taking advantage of our special pre-order offer. Deals like this are rare indeed, and ours is only here until 20th April- so why not grab yours now. And good luck- yours could even be free! Castle Trumps embodies our vision of Trumps. We just love it, and believe it shows how good Trumps really can be. It's been created with the support and collaboration of the castles themselves and many will be stocking our game in their own stores....

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Opening Blog

We’re so excited to be here on the web, and to welcome everyone in to our shiny new store. Our first pack of Clever Decks will be launched very soon, and we’ll be filling our shelves with them just as soon as we can. Some areas of the store- particularly our Shop pages- won’t be open until then, but you can still find out more about Clever Decks here right now, so please take a quick look around. It's been great to have you in, and we look forward to showing-off our first offering to you very soon.

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