About Us

Born 2016

We started our business in 2016, but our idea of a more educational Trumps started brewing almost 10 years earlier.

We’ve loved Trumps since childhood, and have always been struck by its huge teaching potential. But for us, the games never quite came up to scratch. Whilst always fun, they had their frustrations and just didn’t meet their potential. They deserved better! And so, 10 long years ago, our quest began… chewing over ideas and playing with concepts to make Trumps better and more educational, and dreaming up a range worthy of the game.

Only at the end of 2015, did we have the chance to throw ourselves deep into the world of Trumps and commit to our vision. And we’ve been working flat-out ever since to put those ideas into practice and create a brand the game deserves.

Our quest for the best

Our vision of Trumps demanded a close inspection of every aspect of the game, and we’ve researched and toiled over every facet more than you can imagine.

  • Subjects and facts. Only the most appealing subjects- capable of offering the greatest educational value for school and general education- and the right accompanying facts- to inject the maximum fun and playability- are worthy. We probe the net, books, people, and even school curriculums and syllabuses to find our contenders, before whittling those down to the chosen few.
  • Accuracy. Only the most accurate and up-to-date facts make the grade. On top of our boundless research, we enlist the aid of experts for their all-round wisdom and to check over and enrich our work.
  • Bug-free. Many Trumps are plagued with bugs that annoy and frustrate. Ours are not so troubled… so you won’t be finding any missing facts, or see multiple units being used for facts, or need a magnifying glass to read the type, or any such-like in our games.
  • Cards. Equally rigorous steps are taken to seek the actual cards- the ‘stars’- for each pack. Between them, they are tasked with telling the most varied and illuminating stories.
  • Playability and fun. It’s the way the cards ‘balance’ and work together which makes (or breaks) a game of Trumps. Having cards that are too strong can have you throwing in the towel as soon as they’re dealt, for example, and too many similar cards will lead to a game full of ties. Players know this, but we craved a truer insight and kept on digging. We got scientific- plotting graphs and doing some maths- and kept on testing. We didn’t stop until we had our answers, and- to our joy- even managed to reveal more of the games secrets. We’re now putting all this know-how to full use to inject our games with the best playability and maximum fun.
  • Look and feel. We couldn’t rest until our games looked and felt every bit as good as they played. We’ve used award-winning creatives to give our games a gorgeous and cool, fresh new look; and gone to the most renowned printing company and used top quality materials. The result is a premium product with a luxurious look and feel that’s hard to resist and put down.

Be Social

We’d love to hear what you think about Clever Decks. You’ll find us everywhere, so please tweet, facebook us, pin us, or email or phone us. Improving our games and our business is our mission, and we value our customers comments- good or bad- above anyones.