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Get smart and make learning fun with Clever Decks.

Clever Decks is the exciting brand of Trumps card games that makes subjects important to school and general education fun and easy to learn.

Like your best-ever teacher, Clever Decks will open your eyes to subjects, and show you how interesting those subjects can be. They will make learning a pleasure instead of a chore, and effortless not a struggle. They will inspire you, and encourage you to learn more. And they will always be there for you, and always entertain. So, whether you'd like to help your child or grandchild shine at school, or just fancy getting smarter yourself, Clever Decks will teach and entertain you all.

Our aim is to create the most educational and enjoyable Trumps games possible. We've gone to extremes to make the most of the amazing teaching potential of Trumps- squeezing every last bit of fun and learning into our games. Thankfully, all of this hard work has paid off, and we've got our creations looking and playing their best, and teaching the most. (Please visit our About Us page to find out more about our obsession, and the lengths we're going to in quest of the perfect Trumps.)

Castle Trumps. They're fit for a king!

Castle Trumps is our very first offering, and it's everything Trumps should be. It's mission is to make castles accessible to all, and to help bring children into the enjoyment of our national monuments and history- and it can't wait to start teaching and entertaining you all.